A unique Podiatry Experience

Ten years ago, Dr. Ivar Roth, a prominent Newport Beach podiatrist asked a question:

        What if...

  • There was a medical office that treated patients like people, not numbers on a chart?
  • Instead of a sterile medical building, patients would be treated in a new office in a modern building with comfortable chairs and a relaxing atmosphere?
  • Where customer treatment programs would be developed for each individual patient to solve the most challenging podiatric medical issues
  • The staff could take time to work with each patient to determine the best treatment option for foot/ankle pain or to improve the appearance of their feet and toes?
  • In addition to state of the art medical care, patients and others could choose a medical pedicure that would make feet healthier and more beautiful or receive an invigorating whirlpool foot massage?

The new Concierge Podiatry and Spa - A unique experience for medical patients AND spa clients.