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Ball and Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)

Ball and Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)

Ball and foot pain sometimes called a stone bruise, the medical term is Metatarsalgia, is a collection of symptoms that describe pain in the ball of the foot.


The most common symptoms of Metatarsalgia are pain often with swelling, in the ball of the foot during weight-bearing activities (running, walking, standing, etc.). The pain in the toes and/or ball of the foot may increase when the toes are flexed. The pain is likely to increase when walking barefoot on a hard surface. Accompanying symptoms may include sharp shooting pains, tingling or numbness in the toes.

Risk Factors

The risks are increased with participation in sports that require running or jumping, particularly playing tennis. Having high arches, a longer than normal second toe, or hammertoes make Metatarsalgia more likely. Wearing high heels also increases risk, along with being overweight, or having certain types of arthritis.


Foot pain may be caused by high impact sports or training or excess weight. Stress fractures in the foot or Morton’s neuroma is a likely cause of ball of the foot pain. Foot deformities can also be a cause. High heel shoes are also possible causes.


Anti-inflammatories can reduce pain and swelling. Custom orthotics, cushioning insoles, taping or padding may reduce or eliminate pain by reducing the impact pressure on the ball of the foot when walking or exercising. In more severe cases or situations where the pain does not go away with other options, surgery may be recommended.

The Concierge Podiatry Advantage

At Concierge Podiatry we carefully assess each Metatarsalgia patient's specific issue. After evaluation we discuss a conservative treatment plan, taking into account each patient's specific needs. In the vast majority of cases conservative treatment will resolve the issue within days or weeks. When required, we recommend advanced treatment options that may include laser, stem cell therapy, or surgery.

Silicone injections are a new treatment option, unique to Concierge Podiatry in Orange County, that replaces/augments the cushioning fat under the ball of the foot that causes this condition in some patients.

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