Charli Toler

Charli began her podiatry career as a podiatric medical assistant in 2011 at a podiatry office in her hometown, Waco Texas. In 2012 she became certified as a Podiatric Assistant and Radiological Technician.  After working in two podiatry offices in Texas, she moved to California, where in January of 2018 she joined Concierge Podiatry and Spa.  Charli is responsible for helping the staff maintain a friendly, safe, secure and healthy work environment.

Charli is a natural caregiver who has a genuine love for people.  She strives to ensure that each patient's treatment is professional and caring.  Assisting Dr. Roth, Charli is taking ongoing training to become a podiacurist, where she would function as an extension to Dr. Roth, providing medical pedicures and other routine foot care at his direction.