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Foot Fractures

Foot Fractures

Foot fractures or broken bones of the foot are usually the result of a trip or fall, a dropped object or an accident. Fortunately, most fractures are not severe and can either heal on their own with immobilization or with surgery. Some fractures known as “stress fractures” can develop from overuse, and are usually treated with decreased activity and/or immobilization.


Symptoms of a fractured foot include immediate pain that increases with any activity, likely swelling, bruising, tenderness, and difficulty with walking or standing. With stress fractures there is generally little swelling or bruising but these symptoms can develop over a period of time. Another difference with stress fractures is an additional symptom, pinpoint tenderness directly on the area that was injured.

Risk Factors

  • Sports - Increasing the level of activity in high impact sports, using the wrong equipment, or over-exercising can cause a fracture of the foot.
  • People in certain vocations, such as construction workers, are more likely to develop foot fractures due to the nature of the work done.
  • People with low bone density (osteoporosis) are more likely to suffer a fractured foot as well due to weaker bones.


Tripping or falls and car accidents are three of the more likely causes of foot fractures. For patients with weakened bones or reduced bone density, even small missteps may cause a foot fracture. Overuse or increased usage in a short period of time can result in a stress fracture.


Over the counter medications will often relieve pain. Minor foot fractures may only require a removable brace, boot or shoe with a stiff sole. For more severe breaks, surgery may be required. After the break is repaired, physical therapy is often used to bring back flexibility and mobility. Stress fractures are treated in a similar manner to minor foot fractures.

The Concierge Podiatry Advantage

Following our goal of recommending the most conservative treatment option, at Concierge Podiatry we rarely advocate surgery for most foot fractures.  We use laser therapy to reduce swelling and shorten the time to heal the fracture.

At Concierge Podiatry we specialize in treating all podiatric issues.  We take the time needed to diagnose and explain any treatment options before beginning any course of treatment.

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