Systems for medical and aesthetic treatment

At Concierge Podiatry we use multiple laser therapy options to eliminate disease, reduce pain, and improve quality of life. 

Lasers use highly-focused light beams to treat a variety of medical issues ranging from eliminating toenail fungus to reducing pain and inflammation. 


Treating Toenail Fungus


The Noveon® NaiLaser™ is FDA-cleared and specifically designed to treat toenail fungus with results proven in hundreds of patient trials. Using two laser wavelengths and automatic operation, The NaiLaser treats up to four toes simultaneously in a 16-minute automatic treatment program that bathes each toe with laser light to kill fungus. 


Concierge Podiatry and Spa is the only podiatry facility with the Noveon NaiLaser in southern California.  Combined with Dr. Roth’s proprietary treatment protocol, the NaiLaser has proven so successful in addressing toenail fungus, that the office now has TWO of these remarkable systems. 

Reducing Pain and Inflammation

The Lightforce Therapy Laser is FDA-approved and clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation while promoting micro-circulation.  The LightForce Therapy Laser uses LiteCure’s patented laser delivery system that combines massage capabilities with deep tissue laser therapy.  With increased power, 25 watts, the Lightforce Therapy Laser is able to penetrate deeper into tissue, muscles and joints for improved results.  

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