Advanced Orthotic Treatment Options

At Concierge Podiatry we specialize in orthotics that enhance participation in athletic activities, as well as make it easier to walk or stand.  Custom orthotics and custom shoes from Concierge Podiatry not only reduce pain and increase range of movement, they correct the source of the underlying medical issue. 

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Perfect Posture Custom Orthotics

Perfect Posture Orthotics Explained
Custom Orthotics versus In-store Shoe Inserts

Unlike generic arch supports, custom orthotics are individually prescribed by a doctor. Starting with a podiatric medical history and physical examination, specific devices are developed based on a complete evaluation of patient requirements.  Unlike generic shoe inserts available at retail stores or the internet, our Perfect Posture custom orthotics are bio-mechanical devices designed to improve not just foot and ankle function, but body alignment.

Concierge Podiatry Custom Shoe Service


Have you ever dreamed about owning stylish high heeled shoes that didn’t make your feet hurt?

High heels might look great, but after walking in them for a few minutes, most women feel "the pain".  If only there was a way to have beautiful shoes that felt as good as they looked…

At Concierge Podiatry, you can order stylish, custom-made high fashion shoes that look great while incorporating leading-edge orthotic features that make the shoes comfortable to wear.

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