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Our Technology

Concierge Podiatry is pleased to announce we now have 4 different lasers to treat your nail fungus. No matter how minor or severe your fungus nails we have the correct laser for you.

LUNULA laser

Our Newest laser is the LUNULA laser for nails and it is a 100% pain free automated 12 minute treatment session laser for nail fungus. We have two of these units so that we can treat two feet at a time and get you going quickly. This laser is perfect for minor or light fungal nails/and for preventative use and can also be used for severe nails as well See documents attached.

Noveon laser

Our Noveon laser is our heavy duty laser for severe nail fungus. We have three of these lasers so that both feet can be treated at the same time. This also is an automated laser with a sixteen minute treatment cycle and is a non-thermal laser, for minimal discomfort.

Zoom laser

Our Zoom laser is an 808 Nanometer laser and is considered a cold laser. We use this laser for spot treatments and single toe fungus. This laser is very effective when combined with the first two lasers when a spot needs to be treated.

Genesis Plus laser

Our Genesis Plus laser by Cutera is a 1064 Nd Yag laser. This is a thermal laser that warms the nails and kills the fungus by heating the nails to kill the fungus. This is a non-automated laser and can be used for single nails or as an adjunct when needed for treatment.


Our treatment for fungus nails is a very different and unlike everyone else’s. First we offer the world’s first Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee that you will see significant improvement at 120 days or we will continue to treat you until that improvement is seen. We have been specializing in nail fungus for over two decades and have learned a tremendous amount. With our knowledge we can get just about any nail looking normal very quickly. You will see results within a few weeks to a month, encouraging you that the treatment is working. Usually full results are seen between 3 to 6 months.

Our protocol

Depending on how severe your fungus is we will treat your nails from two to eight times to eradicate the fungus. Sometimes, less than 10% of the time depending on patient compliance or unusual circumstances, additional treatment will be needed. If this is the case significant discounts will be applied to insure that you receive the outcome you deserve. Not taking the meds swimming or being in water a lot, not following protocol.

Current protocol. For moderate to severe nails up to eight visits needed. For lunula 4 weekly visits, followed by 2 bi weekly visits and 2 monthly visits. Total time is 4 months follow up confirmation visit included at 6 months. For mild or preventative 4 weekly laser visits and one office confirmation visit one month later. 8 weeks

Noveon laser first visit, two weeks later and monthly thereafter for 6 visits. Total time 6.5 months

Zoom laser. Two or three visits for mild problems bi weekly, or bi weekly for severe nails until resolved usually within 8 visits. 4 months.

Cutera laser. Call Dr. to discuss.

We also can use a micro nail drilling system to assist the topical applications to penetrate into the nails.

We attack your fungus from four different directions.

  • Laser
  • Trim the nails, debulk the nail/ thin down thick nails, clean out debris from under and within the nails, and reshape the nail.
  • Use of a topical antifungal for the nails and nail vitamins to assist healthy nail growth.
  • Use low level oral anti-fungal medications to assist fungus destruction.
  • Additionally if you have a fungal skin infection we treat the skin infection at the same time to insure a clean foot/nail environment.
  • We educate you how to maintain your nails after the conclusion of the program to insure minimal re-occurrence rates.

In addition for mild fungus we have non laser options using anti-fungal sealants both applied at the office and your home.