Services Overview

Feet are essential!  Because they are your body’s foundation, at Concierge we not only treat medical issues but provide services that lead to more beautiful feet.  With a wide range of solutions for patient medical issues and aesthetic concerns, Concierge is committed to providing the highest quality patient treatment in a relaxing setting.

  • For some patients, painful medical issues of feet and lower legs are a daily fact of life.  These can lead to other medical problems including back or knee pain. Concierge Podiatry offers the latest surgical and non-surgical solutions to treat conditions ranging from flat foot deformity to ingrown toenails. Better feet equal a more productive body and life fulfilled.
  • We also offer special treatments to improve the appearance of your feet.  From treating toenail fungus and ugly nails, to eliminating the rough soles on the bottom of feet, Concierge Podiatry has solutions that will give you confidence to go barefoot or wear the latest open-toed shoes without embarrassment.

Comprehensive Podiatry Services

Concierge Podiatry offers a range of services to address leg, ankle and foot medical issues.  

General Treatment

We treat all issues that affect toes, feet and ankles.  Whether from genetics, injury or disease, at Concierge Podiatry we diagnose medical issues and provide the most appropriate treatment options.

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Skin and Nail Care

Problems such as age spots or hangnails that are easily visible on hands and arms may not be as obvious on legs and feet.  At Concierge Podiatry, we provide the same type of care for a patient's feet and legs.

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Surgical Options

At Concierge Podiatry our goal is to identify treatment options that do not require surgery whenever possible.  But, if surgery is required for any area below the knee, we have more experience than any other podiatry office in Orange County.  With surgical privileges at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and other surgical centers, we offer inpatient and outpatient options that are convenient for our patients.

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Custom orthotic devices reduce foot and ankle problems while improving posture. With market exclusive Perfect Posture Orthotics, Concierge Podiatry is a leader in reducing the pain many people experience walking or standing, while avoiding future hip, knee or foot problems.

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Laser Treatment

Concierge Podiatry is a pioneer in offering issue-specific laser treatment options.  With several different lasers, we offer the most effective laser treatment solution to meet each patient's specific treatment needs.

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Special Treatment Options

Concierge Podiatry offers treatment options for specific medical challenges.

  • Regenerative medicine which includes stem cell treatment and PRP can repair cartilage and reduce inflammation to resolve issues such as an arthritic ankle joint, arthritic big toe or Plantar fasciitis/heel pain.
  • Cosmetic vein repair can help patients who have varicose veins or spider veins on feet, legs and ankles.
  • Pediatric care - Concierge Podiatry offers special orthotic treatment options for adolescent patients.  Early treatment, when bones are maturing, can correct poor foot mechanics which will cause life-long standing and walking problems.  
  • Diabetic foot care - At Concierge we specialize in treating patients with diabetes who face special challenges for foot and lower leg skin conditions including diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
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