Special Offers

Concierge Podiatry is committed to making exceptional patient care accessible to patients in Newport Beach, greater Orange County, and throughout southern California.  To introduce new services and reintroduce existing ones, check here for periodically revised special treatment offers.  

One Year Treatment Program

  • $99/month (or $999 in advance) for one foot*
  • $149/month (or $1,499 in advance) for both feet*

* Pricing does not include medications or home maintenance supplies.


Toenail Fungus  

Concierge Podiatry has developed a protocol that in even the most severe cases can usually eliminate toenail fungus and provide clear nails in about half the time required for most conventional treatments. 

Most podiatrists offer fee for service approaches.  We do too.  But, to make treatment more accessible, Concierge Podiatry also offers a special all-inclusive service price (including laser) for the most severe cases which includes multiple (up to eight) visits and laser treatment as required.

Fall Special

  • Single treatment* $99  
    Special Price
  • Five treatment package*  
    Special Price $299  ($196 savings over single treatment pricing)

* Pricing does not include medications or home maintenance supplies.

Pricing good through
Dec. 31, 2017


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep tissue laser treatment delivers therapeutic light energy three inches into soft tissue, decreasing inflammation and pain, while increasing circulation at the site of pain. This process helps activate cell functions, fully re-establish damaged tissue, and restore tissue functionality.  Although repeated treatment is recommended to provide ongoing relief, Concierge offers a special introductory offer to demonstrate the benefits of deep tissue laser treatment.