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Stress Fractures of the Foot

Stress Fractures of the Foot

Stress fractures of the foot are partial cracks in bones caused mainly by repetitive force or overuse, often from high impact exercises such as running long distances. Stress fractures also occur in bones that have been weakened by osteoporosis.


Symptoms include swelling, tenderness, pain when standing that increases with activity and decreases with rest.

Risk Factors

All athletes are at risk, but female athletes may experience stress fractures more often than their male counterparts. Eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia), and osteoporosis may lead to decreased bone mass, increasing the chance of a stress fracture.


Unlike fractures caused by accident or injury, stress fractures are usually caused by overuse. In sports such as tennis, track and field, gymnastics, and basketball, the repetitive stress of the foot striking the ground can cause trauma. Osteoporosis, which reduces bone density, can also increase the risk of injuries to foot and ankle bones.


Stress foot fractures may only need a removable brace, boot or shoe with a stiff sole.

For other types of fractures, different treatment options are likely. A fractured toe is often taped to a neighboring toe, with a piece of gauze between them. In a major break, the two ends of the fracture may need to be aligned using surgery. In many cases, fractures will require immobilizing the foot or ankle with a cast to allow healing and to prevent re-injuring the bone.

The Concierge Podiatry Advantage

At Concierge Podiatry we specialize in treating all podiatric issues. At Concierge we often recommend laser therapy to reduce pain and shorten the time it takes to heal a fracture.  We take the time needed to diagnose and explain options before beginning any course of treatment.

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