Toenail Treatment That Works

Millions of Americans have some form of fungus of the toenails. This can range from early insignificant white spots to ugly, sometimes painful toenails.. Here at Concierge Podiatry Dr. Roth has devoted his career to trying to figure out an effective treatment for foot and nail fungus. We believe that we have the answer for you. Just like no two people are alike so it is with fungal infections of the toenails. Each nail will be examined and treated specifically for the infection that is present on that nail.

Dr. Roth’s new treatment protocols lead to clear nails faster with noticeable improvement in a short period of time, often in just a couple of weeks. Instead of one treatment for all, Concierge has multiple treatment protocols that incorporate our unique toenail preparation, combined with new proprietary topicals and sealant technology depending on the circumstances of the problem and YOUR lifestyle In some cases with laser therapy, using a system designed specifically to treat toenail fungus on multiple toes simultaneously.

Instead of one treatment protocol, each patient receives a custom treatment plan based on disease cause, severity, medical history, and other factors.